Debt Advice Free offers help with how to unbury from credit card or other unsecured debt. Most people facing troublesome credit card debt problems do not even know what options may exist for them to become debt free and those debtors who may understand the choices generally lack the skill to evaluate them and select the right method to fix their own personal financial situation. The independent in depth analysis provided by Debt Advice Free gives shows debtors which debt elimination solution fits their personal circumstances.

What does this program do that will help my debt problem?

Our system uses artificial intelligence technology to examine the details of your personal financial situation as it specifically relates to ten different solutions for eliminating problems with unsecured debt.

Can you define unsecured debt?

For this debt system’s sophisticated analysis figure unsecured debt refers to credit card debt, medical debt and personal unsecured loans. For mortgage debt or foreclosure we have a separate system for help to avoid foreclosure for cases where mortgage payments have been missed or look like they will be unpaid soon. The system will also connect you with help for IRS or State Income Tax debt, help with credit reports, credit score improvement and student loan debt if you ask for it without analyzing the request.

How does a computer make decisions on how to solve my credit card and unsecured debt problem?

The program simulates the thought processes of a debt professional, making over a thousand calculations to determine the best course of action based on your own personal set of circumstances. The printed version of the programs used to help debtors find their solutions and link them with professionals take hundreds of pages of computer code.

Can a computer do that?

Some people feel that computers can learn to perform most tasks we commonly think of as exclusively reserved for humans. The senior programmer in charge of the system spent 4 years as an undergraduate programming a computer to compose, orchestrate and play classical music without any human intervention. For two of those years he worked with Herbert Simon who won the Nobel Prize for his work in artificial intelligence computer programming in the field of economics.

Has anyone looked at what this program does to verify it’s accuracy?

As a career long after his undergraduate experiences our senior programmer worked for ten years as a debtor attorney specializing in debt settlement and foreclosure prevention without resorting to bankruptcy. Not only has he determined the program to work with astounding accuracy, an independent bankruptcy lawyer also tested the system to assure reliable results.

What is the background of your company?

We began operating on the internet with our first internet sites going live in 1996, while our Vice President still practiced law. By 2000 the company incorporated. In 2004 we became members of the Better Business Bureau, where we still proudly maintain accreditation.

Should I treat what the program tells me as legal advice?

Absolutely not! Use the suggestions to supplement your own research to help you make the most informed decision you can as to the best way to eliminate your unsecured debt problem.

Is there any cost to use the program?

No, you may use the program for free. Any debt professionals the program connects you for more information provide free consultaions. Using the Debt Advice Free program costs absolutely nothing and will not obligate you to pay anything in the future either.

What are the ten debt options the program will evaluate for my unsecured debt?

Debt settlement (with a reduced balance due), non-profit credit counseling, chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy, unsecured personal loans, secured or home equity loans, paying in full, using balance transfers to zero APR credit cards, doing nothing, and a special solution for some people on fixed incomes.

What information will I have to put into the debt program?

You will answer approximately 30-40 questions, many with simple yes/no answers or basic contact data. Most forms start with 5-10 basic questions followed by a second page of more detailed financial questions.

Do I need to enter my social security number?

No, we do not need your social security number.

Does the computer use all of those questions to calculate my debt advice?

Yes, just about everything except your street address and your name go into the computations used for the debt solution analysis.

How does the computer give me the results on what it thinks I should do for my debt trouble?

The computer splits the ten debt solution options into three groups based on what your financial situation dictates. First what it thinks of as the Primary debt solutions you should examine, next those for Secondary consideration and finally those it feels will emerge as unlikely choices for you.

How many in each group?

The program decides as part of it’s analysis.

What does the program do with the results?

Those options it decides merited entry into the Primary group will go through a second round of computations to find a professional working in the field suggested who can service the geographic area you live in. The computer will then transfer your data to them so they can contact you and discuss that particular solution in greater detail. Those debt elimination methods in the Secondary group will show up on a follow up page where you can choose to hear from professionals providing those debt solutions, but you will decide which if any to have contact you from the Secondary group. The debt system takes no action nor displays any information on options not making either the Primary or Secondary groups.

Will I see who has my information so I can contact them or know who to expect a call or email from?

Yes, you will see all that on the page following your submission.

How long does the program take to do all of this?

In most cases just seconds from the time you submit your data.

What else will your company do with my personal data?

Aside from passing it along to professionals specifically trained to help you solve your debt issues using the methods the program suggests we will not further distribute your personal information.

How long until I will hear from the people who can help me?

Unless a weekend gets involved most times in under 24 hours, sometimes it’s just a matter of minutes.

How many people might call me?

Just one from each debt solution the system feels earned the right to make the group it felt you should give Primary consideration to. For most people it will end up as one to three callers.

Am I under any obligation to sign up with any of these services that may call me?

No, you pick the debt solution you feel comfortable with and the company you want to use or do nothing we suggest, it’s your choice.

How much will I pay for a company to complete the debt elimination process?

It depends on the company and the debt solution, but be sure this topic comes up in your discussion and you know what they will expect from you if you enroll for help.

Does the system have any preferences?

Since the system emulates the logic given to it by the programmers, and the designers of our system specialized in avoiding bankruptcy, you may see that tendency in the systems results.

What does the debt system’s logic have to do with me?

No program can perfectly meet the needs of everyone, that explains part of why the system may make multiple suggestions. Your job will involve listening to what the professionals who call you have to say, looking into any options you want to explore and making your own decision. If you find an option you thought beforehand might be best in the secondary group go ahead and choose to hear from that person too. If you find the program choosing bankruptcy in the Primary group, knowing the program tries to avoid bankruptcy, you should figure bankruptcy needs to be explored, not necessarily filed, but explored as an option.

If my situation changes may I use the program again?


If I just want to read and learn more about debt for now where can I go to find some good free information?

Try the articles and FAQs at our Bankruptcy Alternatives.

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