Free debt advice based on a program that instantly independently examines ten different debt solutions and analyzes your own personal income, asset and debt information to select the right debt service and debt relief method explains why the Debt Advice Free site stands apart from other online debt advice sites. Uncle Ignatz might offer free debt advice, but he maintains no knowledge of debt at all. Other online web sites offer free debt advice but the technology powering their debt suggestions comes from very simple math examining just a few solutions with a goal of driving you to where they will be paid more, not to the debt answer better for your financial situation. Even attorneys may offer free debt advice in the form of a free consultation, but they tend to favor their own specialty rather than give truly independent advice, for example a bankruptcy lawyer may push a bankruptcy over other debt solutions. Free debt advice from a debt settlement service or a non-profit credit card debt counseling agency would yield the same kind of non-independent view. These types of alleged free debt advice often turn into nothing more than sales pitches for the presenter's own product. You could always get free debt advice from your mother-in- law, but then again...
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The person in charge of assembling the Debt Advice Free site worked for over a decade as a debt lawyer with a specialty of helping debtors avoid bankruptcy and keeping homeowners from losing their homes to foreclosure. His advice has been used for pieces in the New York Times, CNN and MSNBC among others. As an undergraduate he studied artificial intelligence programming for four years, working two years with a Nobel Prize winner. After years of work Debt Advice Free presents to you what may be the most sophisticated online debt analysis program ever offered, and best of all it's free. Even if indeed Debt Advice Free proves itself as the best debt analysis site ever, you should think of the results from the site as friendly suggestions, not legal advice. Use the recommendations to make you more informed about options to become debt free and to help you be a more informed consumer.

It works like this: The Debt Advice Free forms will ask for detailed financial information over a two page form (this online page and one more). Questions include information about income, debt, assets, expenses, marital status, home state and others. After submission the system will carefully analyze ten options for becoming debt free. The system try's to maintain total independence, as not to push you toward one solution or another as a sales person for a particular service might. The program may mirror the author's preference for avoiding bankruptcy, so if it recommends you examine bankruptcy, you may be sure it did not arrive at that suggestion lightly. Unless the program feels one specific debt solution stands so far in front of all of the other debt elimination options you will be matched with the top several options. (Continued in next column)

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Therefore some people will find one debt method suggested while other situations merit two or three. We recommend that you listen to what people involved with each debt solution have to say and make your own decision from there. Getting a lawyer to help with the final selection would never be discouraged.

Once Debt Advice Free has established the debt answers for your personal situation it integrates with our debt solution vendor system, finds you service providers working in your geographic area, automatically matches you with them and forwards your name for contact. Most times you hear from people ready to help within 24 hours, sometimes within a few minutes! Getting the debt advice you need awaits just a few keyboard taps away,we hope you enjoy our online service and good luck becoming debt free. Click Here or start on the form above to begin the Debt Advice Free process.

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